Related Projects

Sulston Project @ CSPO

Project description of The Sulston Project listed on the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes (CPSO) website, a research division of Arizona State University.
Sulston Project @ BCM

Project description of The Sulston Project on the Baylor College of Medicine website.
Building the Medical Information Commons (R01 HG008918)

Read about the initiative to collect and share data on a large scale for research and clinical use. Collectively, these efforts may lead to the creation of a medical information commons.
PoliSeq: Integrating Next Generation Sequencing into Clinical Decision-Making (R01 HG006460)

Read about the clinical integration of the next generation sequencing (NGS). NGS has introduced new challenging policy concerns such as oversight of test quality and services, patenting and licensing issues, privacy and data sharing, and insurance coverage and reimbursement.
Canadian Network for Learning Healthcare Systems and Cost-Effective ‘Omics Innovation (CLEO)

Read about how the CLEO Net is informing and designing a learning healthcare system that turns genomic knowledge into sustainable cancer care and producing advanced research that benefits all Canadians.
The Light Collective

Read about the light collective whose mission is: “We are a nonprofit on a mission to help peer, support groups, foster healthy human connections on the internet. We provide tools, resources, and training for patient peer support group leaders to practice collective self-governance, negotiate fair partnerships, and foster good moderation + cyber hygiene practices.”
How African American Women experience genetic testing for inherited cancer risk

Lynette Hammond Gerido is a doctoral candidate at the Florida State University School of Information who is studying how African American women experience genetic testing for risk of, or in the course of getting treatment for, breast and ovarian cancer. She collaborates with the Sulston Project, the BRCA Exchange, and The Light Collective in her current work, which grows from a long-term interest in racial health disparities, information sharing, and medical decision-making.

Sulston Project @ NIH RePORT

The Sulston Project is supported by a grant from the US National Cancer Institute: R01 CA237118, April 2019-March 2023.
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