Jill Leaver
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jillian Leaver is a junior at ASU, Barrett the Honors College, double majoring in molecular Biosciences/Biotechnology (MBB) and Neuroscience. She is studying to be a doctor and healthcare policy analyst. She has worked in research for the past three years, first in Parkinson's lab at ASU, then a comparative oncology lab at the Translational GenomicsResearch Institute (TGen), and now in a radiology lab for breast cancer at Mayo Clinic. Additionally, she co-founded and manages a nonprofit organization called CCAP Across the Map.CCAP Across the Mapworks to address the cervical cancer epidemic by providing cervical health education and increasing access to HPV vaccines and diagnostic screening tests. She also works for SolarSPELL, which makes solar-powered computers for under-resourced areas around the world. She is working on making a women’s health database for the Latin American library and looking to expand this women's health database into other libraries, such as the East Africa and Pacific Islands libraries.She works on the Sulston Project, where she studies how Supreme Court decisions affect genetic testing methods for cancer. She really wants to make a difference in the world by working at the intersection between law and medicine

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