Robert Cook-Deegan, MD

Robert Cook-Deegan, MD, is a Professor at the School for the Future ofInnovation in Society at Arizona State University. He was also the foundingdirector for Genome Ethics, Law & Policyin Duke’s Institute for GenomeSciences & Policy. Dr. Cook-Deegan is the author of The Gene Wars: Science,Politics, and the Human Genome and author on over 250 articles. Hepreviously worked at the Institute of Medicine and the National Academy ofSciences in various positions including director of their Health PolicyFellowship program and the National Cancer Policy Board. He worked in theNational Center for Human Genome Research in its first year and was an AAASCongressional Science & Engineering Fellow and spent six years at thecongressional Office of Technology Assessment. His areas of expertise includegenomics and intellectual property, history of genomics, global health, scienceand health policy, and health research policy. His current work is on the policyimplications of genomics, bioethics, intellectual property, and innovation. Hereceived his BA in chemistry from Harvard University and his MD from theUniversity of Colorado.

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