Chiristi Guerrini, JD, MPH
Assistant Professor

Christi Guerrini is an Assistant Professor in the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine, where she teaches medical ethics and health policy and conducts research focused on the ethical, legal, and social implications of genetic and other biotechnologies. She is the principal investigator of research on citizen science initiatives involving genetic data, and she has served or currently serves as a co-investigatorof research directed to gene patents and the cancer genomic commons. Prof. Guerrini also studiesinvestigative genetic genealogy and related to that work is an appointed member of the Committee of Correspondence Forensic Genealogy to the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods. Prior to joining BCM, Professor Guerrini litigated intellectual property and commercial disputes in biotechnology and other industries as a practicing attorney. Prof. Guerrini received a JD from Harvard Law School, MPH from The University of Texas School of Public Health, and BA from the University of Virginia (Highest Honors). Prior to joining BCM, she served as the Intellectual Property Fellow at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

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